About Us

Presenting “Hooks In The Reed” – a genre-blending sensation that effortlessly weaves together the spirit of Western Swing, the breezy essence of Island Reggae, and the freeform magic of Jam Band improvisation. This band is a dynamic trio, sometimes foursome, each member bringing their own distinct musical flavors to the stage and creating an unforgettable sonic experience.

Leading the ensemble is the vocalist and bass player, Corinne Bohjanen, representing the picturesque landscapes of Marquette, MI. Her mesmerizing voice exudes warmth and depth, serving as the heart of the band’s harmonies. Simultaneously anchoring the rhythm with her bass and captivating audiences with her magnetic presence, she embodies the fusion of Western Swing’s vivacity and Island Reggae’s tranquility.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Pittsburgh, PA, the lead vocalist and guitarist, Ed Horey, adds his richly textured voice and intricate guitar work to the mix. His passionate improvisational lead and rhythmic guitar playing anchor the band’s melodies, adding a touch of Western Swing’s twang and a dash of Reggae warmth to every note.

Driving the rhythm forward is the talented drummer, Brian Reed, whose style draws inspiration from the precision of the Police and the improvisational brilliance of the Grateful Dead. His beats provide the heartbeat of “Hooks In The Reed,” creating irresistible grooves that bridge the gaps between the various genres the band delves into. Occasionally, the rhythmic canvas is enriched even further by the addition of a conga-playing percussionist, Justin Cipriani, infusing the music with a vibrant island pulse.

The collaboration of these musicians gives birth to a sound that defies traditional boundaries. “Hooks In The Reed” invites audiences on a musical journey that dances between Western Swing’s toe-tapping rhythms, Island Reggae’s laid-back melodies, and the uncharted sonic territories of Jam Band improvisation. With their seamless chemistry and innovative approach to genre fusion, this band leaves an indelible mark on the musical landscape, proving that true artistry knows no limits.